Be initiated and trained in Tantric massage in collective workshops

Tantra course in Lyon

Practice and progression

I practice every day for ten years.

My practice evolved a lot, on one hand because the experience of touch led me to discover the various ways a massage can be lived and felt ; an other hand, touch has an effect completely different from a person to other one, due to the fact that every person has her own history. 

By dint of attentive observation, I managed to draw outlines and to define a progression which allows to bring, in the course of meeting, the practice most fair and most adapted.

Far from being the simple application of a predetermined protocol, it is outright about a sensual, emotional and spiritual meeting. It is the being in its entirety after whom massage is going to take care. 

The progression about which I speak increased, became rich and deepened.

He opens me today the possibility of transmitting to you what for me revealed number of its secrets.

These will also come to light to you in the course of your practice.

My education aims at transmitting you the essential foundations in my perception of tantra massage.

She bored fruits during these many years and will bear other fruits undoubtedly for years to come.

Because everything evolves and us too!

tantric massage workshop in Lyon France

Tantric massage course in Lyon

Practice and progression

The journey of which I speak has strengthened, enriched and deepened.

Today it opens up the possibility for me to pass on to you during the Workshop what for me has revealed many of its secrets.

These will also be revealed to you as you practice.

My teaching aims to transmit to you the essential foundations in my perception of tantric massage.

It has borne fruit during these many years and will undoubtedly bear other fruits for years to come.

Because everything evolves … And so do we!

massage tantrique couple lyon-massage tantra pour couple villeurbanne

Targets of this workshop

• to teach how to lavish a tantra massage

• to include what defines a tantric masseur ; identify its role in practice and become aware of the importance of its involvement 

• to gather the essential tools to rise in his practice

• how to transform its practice of massage into an initiatory progression for the supporter of massage.

• to prepare for difficulties in assimilation the different cases which will return more complex practice.

Tantric massage workshop

Our workshops

The practice of tantric massage is eminently personal because it is based on the synergy between three elements:

  1. the intimate experience of what has been transmitted from tantra
  2. its integration into massage
  3. finally, interpretation by touch.

This last is living expression and reflexion of the progression of the masseur.

It is therefore so much possible results as there are masseurs

Practical information about our Tantra courses

    • Number of people: 6
    • Duration: 12 hours per cycle
    • Number of cycles: 3
    • Price for each cycle: 600 €
    • Objective: discover 1 different massage for each cycle

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