Rates of tantric massages

for woman, couple and man

Rates for woman tantric massages

Cycle 1 - 1h : 150€


Sailing of the night , Envelope my little girl, In your infinite sweetness, Flowery scents.

The Moon Dance, And carries me into a trance, Who will stir curiosity, A teenage girl amazed.

Heat of the summer nights, In your cozy nest,Wake up with dexterity, The fire of my femininity.

Ö mother, Divine Kali, Here I am reassured, My femininity buried is again revealed …

Cycle 2 - 1h : 150€

Sensual mist

Touch the tips of your fingertips, Chills rise along my arms, Going through my whole body, far beyond …From what I could imagine until then!

Sometimes with eyes closed and sometimes I see you, The breath cut, I feel you against me
A total communion, I feel stirred…I recognize there your silk touch

Cycle 3 - 1h : 180€

Nourishing strength

Trust is sun
Abandonment is water,
Together they feed the earth
So that the sown seeds can hatch.
Let us call to the nourishing strength,
To unfold the roots beyond the earth! Touching and breathing are one,
To guide the energy from the earth to the air.

An offering of oneself … to the universe The tree of desire can finally be born.

Cycle 4 - 1h15 : 180€


Sweet is the sensation
Devoid of thought.
The moment confers on creation… The pleasure serenely assumed.

The woman takes control of her destiny.
The implication of the body engenders that of thought, Freedom has been so proclaimed
Its elixir only needs to be absorbed.

Rates for man tantric massage

1rst session

Discovery of Tantric Massage

1h : 170€

A sensual exploration of the body in its slightest particles to elate senses, a regulation of touch to bring you to a deep relaxation, a timeless trip on a small boat of pleasure and softness

2nd session

Ritual Of Meeting: Tantric Massage

1h30 : 220€

You and me open the door towards the unknown. This ritual weaves a link of confidence to confide in a cocoon where vulnerability will plunge us into second state… A way towards ecstasy.

3rd session

Discovery of Tantric massage

60 mn : 200€

A complete abandonment of the body in symbolic positions, an uninterrupted contact between the masseuse and the catcher, to feel this breath peculiar to tantric yoga. An invitation to be given itself for the discovery of a deep pleasure.

4th session

Ritual Of Communion: Tantric massage cachemirien

80 mn : 230€

The search of Unit opens our heart. This Ritual of a nearness envelops us of its heat and gives us a pleasure blended with emotions… Flustered by the force of his positions, its breath will guide you towards an experience of thrilling freedomexaltante.

5th session

Deepening of Tantric Massage

60 mn : 200€

This massage tantrique carries you on its waves to raise sexual energy thanks to a regulation of tantric breath, and a deep massage of the lingam / yoni (poetic terms to mean the genital zones).

6th session

Ritual of Hatching: Integral Tantric massage

90 mn : 250€

The confidence constructed in the first rituals brings us to this donation of one, a body given heart-to-heart, towards a liberated mind. A revival of sexual energies towards an upswing of bodies. Pleasure is an offertory to celebrate life and to thank this body which carries us.

7th session

Long ritual :

2h : 300€

This ritual includes all approaches to share a long trip rich in feelings, and in emotions. All seeds were sowed. The search of Unit will make them hatch.

Practical informations for couples tantric massage




Plan in your schedule 2h30 for :

  • a time of exchange before the massage
  • a shower before and after
  • massage and a time for you alone at the end of the session to meet you around a tea



Contact Toucher de Soie®,
naturist and tantric massage in Lyon and Villeurbanne

Appointment only by phone at +33 (0)6 46 16 06 63
11 rue Richelieu – 69100 Villeurbanne
Rhône-Alpes – France

Contact Toucher de Soie®,
naturist and tantric massage in Lyon and Villeurbanne

Appointment only by phone at +33 (0)6 46 16 06 63
11 rue Richelieu – 69100 Villeurbanne
Rhône-Alpes – France

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