Initiation to tantric massage for couples “Sweet Love”

Couple rate indicated for 2 people / a couple.
Duration: 1 day of 6 hours from 10 a.m to 5 p.m / workshop or 1session / 3 hours
Course of the session: Talking circle to discuss the theme of the couple, Touch workshop, A time for discussion to anchor the practice.
Once your initiation has been booked, to call me at +33 (0)06 46 16 06 63 or send me an email to make an appointment.
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Objective of the initiation to tantric couple massage

  • discover the language of LOVE through touch, towards an approach to the body as a whole to unite carnal, emotional and spiritual
  • nurture the creativity of lovers and develop their approach to the sensual body to enrich it.
  • learn to listen, calm emotions,
  • dissolve thoughts to cultivate presence to oneself and to others. go beyond this quest for performance to open up the heart and give of oneself, a journey towards the mystical cloud of love.
  • connect and fully inhabit the feminine and the masculine which is inside each of the lovers, in order to know how to receive, give and take pleasure to
  • detach from all socio-cultural barriers to reach the essence of the romantic encounter