My career of tantric masseuse

In the Kingdom of the Kings of India, in Rajasthan, began my initiation to Ayurvedic massages and Panchkarma therapies.

These ancestral rituals awoke in me the desire to develop my knowledge of the sacred anatomy of the human body.

I then plunged into an exploration of the body through the intensive practice of yoga and dance, to feel what is called energy.

To enrich my approach to massage, I had to acquire many tools in the various formations in body care (thai, reiki, lithotherapy, samvahan, Karsei nie tsang) but also in positive sexology by Dr. Psalti.

My journey took me to the gates of Tantra.

The meditations guided by Daniel Odier, the discoveries of different Tantric massages, and my own practice have refined my touch and my sensitivity.


The silk touch

Become a tantric masseur, I concentrated on the “toucher de soie®“, born in August 2009, which developed by putting in different approaches, so that each bud takes time to bloom.

The “toucher de soie®” is a subtle body approach centered on the awakening of the energy of the kundalini and its expansion, during the massage and thanks to him, to all the parts of the body, beyond the erogenous zones , To “eroticize” the smallest cells and awaken them by the breath.

The “touch of silk” is a link between the sensual body and the depths of the soul.

I accompany, in this tantric journey, men, women and also couples, through touch in the form of massage, and also in coaching to improve your sexuality. Each person has their own history, needs, expectations …

My wish is to see the “toucher de soie®” to coil like this black snake around each being, to harmonize and dance together this celebration of life .

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